"The Exception To The Rule"

Chilled Water Grille Diffuser AC Units



Model Nominal CFM Nominal Tons Standard
400 1 1/4
600 1.5 1/4
800 2.0 1/4

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Chilled Water Grille Diffuser AC Units
- Standard Features

  • Maximum Design Flexibility
    For both air cooled or water cooled applications. Units designed for mounting above 2 ft. x 4 ft. suspended panel opening. Provides comfort and temperature control for many types of areas.
  • Coils
    Copper tube, aluminum fin, mounted in a stainless steel drain pan.
  • Compressor
    Protected by thermal overload protection with both high (manual reset) and low (automatic reset) pressure switches. An expansion valve, a liquid line filter/dryer, and a sight moisture indicator provide a completely self-contained factory precharged refrigeration circuit.
  • Attractive 3-Way Supply Air Diffuser And Return Air Grille
    Shipped loose for "No Duct" units. Single duct units only require a return air grille and double units require neither.
  • Motors
    3 Speed, long life motors for single phase operation.

  • Quick Clip Mounting Isolators
    Mean fast and easy installation. Isolation is always an important factor for noise.
  • Condensate Drain Pans
    Stainless steel and elevated to allow for proper trapping of condensate. Drain connections (3/4" f.p.t.) are provided on each side of cabinet.
  • Float Switch
    Provided for each drain pan to prevent overflow in the event of a blocked drain line or if unit is not installed in a level position. Switch is wired to unit control panel.
  • Electrical Control Panel
    Electrical Components to include: contactor (for AC or WC units only), relay(s), control transformer and power supply connections.
  • Fan(s)
    Forward curved, direct drive for both supply fan and condenser fan (air cooled units only).
  • Water Regulating Valve
    Standard on water cooled units. Rated at 150 PSIG.

Optional Features

  • Remote thermostat, wall mounted (can be combined with 3 speed switch).
  • Low ambient control on air cooled units
  • Humidifier - evaporative media type includes humidistat-remote wall-mounted.
  • Electric reheat (Hot water or steam on request) with factory-wired contactor and remote dehumidistat.
  • Remote condensate pump package
  • Transformer to 1-60-277 Volt.
  • Remote status panel w/L.E.D. indicators for cooling, humidifying, condensate overflow.
  • Flow control with a 2-way solenoid valve or a 3-way solenoid valve.